Saivite Temples Kanyakumari

Saivite Temples - Kanyakumari

Guhanadeeswarar, Kanyakumari

An ablution of water from 1008 tender coconut is offered to the lord praying for relief and rains during summer.

Mahadevar, Kappiarai

The walk to and the surroundings are by themselves  so beautiful as you approach this ancient temple.

Mahadevar, Kulithurai

This historical and beautiful Kerala style Siva temple is situated on the banks of a river.

Nageswarar, Nagercoil

This temple for Snake Worship was originally a Jain temple as is evident from the many Jain inscriptions found here.

Kasiviswanathar, Parakkai

Set amidst beautiful surroundings and a large lake this ancient temple presents a serene picture.

Mahadevar, Payanam

The excellence of the two Dwarapalakas attract ones attention immediately in this temple surrounded by plantations.

Thanumalayan, Suchindram

This is one of the largest temple in the district and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity of Hinduism.

Cave Temple, Thirunandikarai

This Pallava style temple was excavated by the Ay Ruler Vikramaditya Varaguna in the 9th Century CE.

Munchirai, Sivalaya Ottam -1

This is the first of the 12 temples in the annual Sivalaya Ottam on Sivaratri day and is dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu.

Thikurichi, Sivalaya Ottam -2

This is the second of the 12 temples Sivalaya Ottam temples and is beautifully set on a river bank.

Thirparappu, Sivalaya Ottam-3

The popular Thirparappu Waterfalls is adjacent to this temple which is the third in the Sivalaya Ottam.

Thirunandikarai, Sivalaya Ottam-4

The fourth Sivalaya Ottam temple is at the base of a large hill where there is an ancient cave temple too.

Ponmanai, Sivalaya Ottam-5

Set amidst rubber trees and wooded area this small temple is in peaceful and serene surroundings.

Thirupandripagam, Sivalaya Ottam-6

This ancient and small temple is the sixth in the Sivalaya Ottam performed on Sivaratri Day.

Kalkulam, Sivalaya Ottam-7

This is the largest of the Sivalaya Ottam temples and used to be in the capital of Travancore Kings.

Melancode, Sivalaya Ottam-8

The eighth temple of the Sivalaya Ottam is situated near the famous Muruga Temple of Kumaracoil.

Thiruvidaikodu, Sivalaya Ottam-9

The ninth temple of Sivalaya Ottam is also the final resting place of Idaikattu Sidhdhar.

Thiruvithamkodu, Sivalaya Ottam -10

The tenth temple in the Sivalayam Ottam is an abode for both Shiva and Vishnu in separate sanctums.

Thirupanthikodu, Sivalaya Ottam-11

A beautiful Kerala style two tiered sanctum sanctorum is seen in this twelfth Sivalaya Ottam temple

Thirunattalam, Sivalaya Ottam-12

The culmination of the Sivalaya Ottam is at this twin temples of Shiva and Vishnu emphasizing unity.

Jadayapureeswarar, Jadayapuram

The location of this small temple is very beautiful, amidst fields and adjoining the temple tank.

Sadainathar, Puravassery

An old temple with 2 prakarams set amidst tall coconut palms this temple is just beautiful.

Agasteeswarar, Vaduganpatru

A stone inscription in Vattezhuthu is seen in a field nearby establishing the temple’s antiquity.

Marthandeeswarar, Eraniel

Located opposite the ancient palace of Eraniel, this temple has connection with the legend of the nearby Sivagiri Temple.

Mahadevar, Sivagiri

This is an ancient cave temple where the images of the Ashtalingam are also carved.

Mahadevar, Kattalai

Just driving down to this temple through the beautiful scenery is enough to relax the mind.

Kailasa Mahadevar, Muttaikadu

This is a small, old temple with a beautiful temple tank in front.

Jayanteeswaramudayar, Azhagiyapandipuram

Away from any disturbances, the caretaker lady’s singing captured our minds in the early morning.

Kandeswaramudayar, Kadukkarai

This is an ancient temple going back to the Pandyas and has some excellent carvings.

Thyagavidangar, Thellandi

This is an amazing temple built on a large rock right on the edge of the large lake.

Kodasvaramudaya Nayinar, Seethapal

This is a beautiful old temple with a Perumal temple also located right behind.

Kailasanathar, Theroor

Set in an unbelievable location, isolated amidst fields you can forget yourselves in meditation here.

Mahadevar, Puliyurkurichi

This old and important temple has been taken up and renovated in recent times.

Bhoothalingaswamy, Bhoothappandi

Amazing architecture, carvings and beautiful surroundings make this ancient Cave Temple unforgettable.

Jayanteeswarar, Thazhakudi

Following the legend an Elephant was brought into the Sanctum to perform ablution to the Lord.

Perunchadai Mahadevar, Akkarai

This beautiful little ancient temple has been renovated in recent times.

Kasi Viswanathar, Kanyakumari

A large Tank in front and a spacious campus make this temple a beautiful place.

Karaikandeswarar, Nainarkurichi

This temple dates back to the 13th Century CE and has several inscriptions.

Sundareswarar, Vadiveeswaram

This beautiful ancient temple is on the eastern side of Nagercoil town.

Eduthayudhamudayar, Theroor

Situated within two Prakarams this temple has a beautiful carving of Renganadar.

Karaikandeswarar, Nainarkurichi

This temple dates back to the 13th Century CE and has several inscriptions.

Sundareswarar, Vadiveeswaram

This beautiful ancient temple is on the eastern side of Nagercoil town.

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